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Mike May was one of the first Team USA padel members in 1993 and the very first certified Padel coach in the United States having completed the certification course with Jorge Nicolini and Horacio Clemente in Argentina. Mike has since studied with many other coaches including Maximo Castellote.

Mike has been coaching padel since 1993 and has extensive knowledge on how to get your students hooked on the game of padel instantly creating a substantial client base. Mike offers certification courses in English and is the only padel coach aligned with the United States Padel Association and the United States Professional Tennis Association. 

Having come from an extensive tennis background as a highly ranked junior, college and pro tennis player, Mike understands the mind of a tennis player in getting these coaches ready to teach and compete in padel quickly. An enthusiastic tennis pro can be ready to begin a padel teaching career and driving business for the facility in just one weekend workshop with Mike May.

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